My China


No China! My trip to China is postponed to 2013! Damn!

27.06.2012. Changes 

After my travel mate informed me that he can’t come to China (or maybe he still can) I started to change roadmap.

So, now it’s shorter. I’ll try to see as much as possible with 15 days. I know it’s short. 3 days in Beijing and Shanghai and 4 days in Hong Kong and few days for traveling from Beijing to Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The new roadmap is here.

So, I need to contact now with my travel agent and will see, is it possible or not. If not, then … well, maybe sometimes in future.


16.02.2012. Dragon Year.

Isn’t it a nice photo? A Dragon ice sculpture in Kadrioru Park.

Dragon ice sculpture in Tallinn, Kadrioru Park

14.02.2012. China Here I Come!

In the beginning of January the largest Estonian travel company Estravel start with a really good offer to China. Hainan Airlines, from Tallinn to more then 20 destinations in China, price from 399€. Isn’t it a good offer?!

China, more then 1,25 billion citizen, more then 9 million square meters. Beijing as the Capital and Shanghai as the largest city in China. With amazing history, culture, nature and with delicious cuisine.

So on the beginning of January when I saw this offer I decided to go to China. And Asia has been always one of my favorite places in World. So why not? Especially it the End of the World should come on 21st of December.

But China is bit far from Estonia and “bit” larger then Estonia, so the idea to go there alone for almost 4 weeks (23 days in China) wasn’t anymore so tempting. Even if I thought on the beginning that I will go there alone if needed.

I know that my second side isn’t able to come to China. Even if the tickets to China were really cheap the total budget for the trip is almost 3000€ per face (and I still hoping it would be smaller then 3000€, lets say 2500€ would be great). So I’ll made a offer for a friend and even if he was bit sceptic about the idea to go to China, then after he has saw a few time lapse videos from China, he decided to come with me. Thats how I partly complete my New Year promise do to something crazy, to travel somewhere, away from the old, familiar and safte EU. Im already so excited!

The map of our journey in China will be something like this: From Tallinn to Riga to Brussels. From Brussels to Beijing. Beijing to Tianjin and Ji’nan. From Ji’nan to Nanjing and Yangzhou. From Yangzhou to Suzhou. From Suzhou to Shanghai.

Shanghai-ed | Shanghai In a Minute from Joe Nafis on Vimeo.

From Shanghai to Hangzhou and to Shaoxing. From Shaoxing to Fuzhou and Xiamen. From Xiamen to Guangzhou and from there to Hong Kong.

HD Time Lapse Footage (timelapse) – Hong Kong, China from on Vimeo.

From Hong Kong to Shenzhen and from there back to Tallinn via Brussele and Riga.

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