My Amsterdam

Photos from Amsterdam

and off to Tallinn

chinatown in amsterdam

red light district in amsterdam

off to the one main gay street in the read light district

Near Rijksmuseum

Dam Square

Merry X-Mas

Street art

A typical viwe in Amsterdam

@ home in Amsterdam

Schiphol airport

Bye bye Tallinn. Off to Amsterdam with Estonian-Air

More pictures you may actually find from my Flicker account. I know, I should upgrade it again.


Back from Amsterdam! I would like to move there! Or somewhere! Away from Estonia. I need to do something new. As simple it is!


So, only 4 days until Amsterdam. I’m bit scared because we will fly there with the Estonian-Air who has quite often technical issues (ok, the actual reason is because the plane isn’t full and the easiest way is to say that they have technical issues and the flight will delay).

Any recommendation where to go and what to do in Amsterdam?


As my trip to China is now postponed to 2013 I’m will make a short trip to Amsterdam. Hope to take lots of pictures, go to some nice galleries, try the national kitchen, see the Red light district and make a boat trip on Amsterdam canal (or should it be sluice?).

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