July in the Photo

Paralepa beach

Planning my trip to Amsterdam


Storm is near


Windows home screen

Estonina Maritime Museume

A raini day on a buss

The Dark lord has rised

My Tallinn

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Ice frappe

Sunset at near Linnahall

flowers at lasname

This is my first time in beach on 1st of July 2013

Haapsalu Railway station on 1st on July

Restaurant Kukeke

Kukeke is a new restaurant in North-Tallinn at Kopli area, made by Anni Arro.

In short the food is tasteless, the place is just over rated and priced. Seems everything what Anni Arro is doing is bit over rated and ov priced, expected cafe Komeet in Solaris Center.

Last Wednesday I decided to visit restaurant Kukeke. The Interior was nice and cozy, colorful, tabels made by Anni father. I ordered Salmon with oven baked vegetables. Vegetables were amazing but the Salmon was terrible. It was dry, over grilled, without any spices. And the pickled pumpkin on the same plate was also tasteless.

At least the Napoleon cake was as good as always as it was made by Nadežda Kaarma.

For conclusion: needs to improve.

NO69 Three Kingdoms

Im wordless and speechless! NO99 theater troupe in co-operation with Sebastian Nübling and Simon Ste­phens are made something what I highly recommend to you! You just must see it!

Photo: Ene-Liis Semper, NO99

NO69 Three Kingdoms is one of the best performances in year 2011, at least for me.

What was it? It’s bit difficult to say.  For me I think it was an idea of European Union, about their understands of life in EU or maybe the way of “how it should be or how they citizens of United Kingdom, Germany and Estonia see it or wanna see it” after quite many influent events in the 21st century Europe – EU enlarging in 2004, EU economic crise 2007/08 – until today and who knows when it ends or how it ends, London riots 2011 and so one. Those and many more remarkable events in 21st Century Europe has changes our understands, hopes and ideas how the life should be.

It’s like self-search but not anymore in Estonia, now it self-search in European Union.

Some how I think it was actually our moment of truth – how we the Three Kingdoms, three very different nation see each other and how they – the other ones see us. It was like self-search, trying to find our identity in a large union, trying to ensure our position in enlarged Europe, trying to be the BEST ones in Europe.
But it’s only a illusion, reality it’s much different as we think.

After big projects by NO99 – “Ühtne Eesti Suurkogu” and “The Rise and Fall of Estonia” – two remarkable performances, both with political and self ironical nots, seems that NO99 troupe will finish their past few years theme about Estonian identity and their understands about what it means to live here in Estonian, to be a Estonian here or there – in enlarged European Union.

Three Kingdoms will be played in Estonia only 15 times. In October, November 2011 and in Spring 2012 NO99 is playing in Munich. In May 2012 you may see NO99 at World Stage Festival in London.

Kiek in de Kök

Trying out the new feature, gallery function.

You may find more pics about Kiek in de Kök here. And many more photos about Estonia and so on you may find here.

Palju õnne!

Esiteks soovin ma palju õnne iseendale! Magister on tehtud! Nüüd tuleks minna kas praktikuks või siis teoritiseerida edasi!

Teiseks soovin ma õnne kõigile neile, kes lõpetasid, oma toredatele ja vähem toredatele kaaskannatajatele ning siis korra veel endal, sest magistri saabumisega, saabus paar päeva hiljem ka muutus numbrites “and generally changes in everywhere”.
Igatahes on selle muutuse suurim miinus see, et pole enam kooli kuhu minna. Samas, kuna ma olen ilus, tark ja andekas, siis ma lähen uuesti sügisest magistrantuuri (sisseastumised on juba alanud). Võiks ju miskit veel juurde õppida, näiteks võrdlevat poliitikat või hoopis majandust, äkki hoopis tehnoloogia valitsemist või kultuuriteooriad?!

Ja kõigile ülejäänutele soovin ilusat suve – on alles soe väljas! Minge laulupeole ja hiljem astuge läbi Ökosaarelt, võtke kaasa oma grill, saate kohapeal grillida. Joogid, olgu need alkohoolsed või mittealkohoolsed, need tuleb kohapealt soetada.