More then half year ago

It’s quite while ago when I made my last post and now I’ll make the first post in 2013. And in meanwhile nothing hasn’t happend. Working in the same place, living still in Tallinn, haven’t started with my PhD yet because … well let’s say someone didin’t feel like I’m ready for this. Have made one trip outside to Budapest. Really nice city, recommend to visit it.

So I will add now some pictures here and will soon I hope write something about the trip to Budapest or at least try to put some pictures here.

Have a nice evening!

Spring @ Tallinn Botanic Garden


Estonian spring (thank god not summer)



Off to Haapsalu for Easter Holidays

25th of March

Tallinn Post office or what is left of


almost spring

Ao street birthday

Dendrobium nobile

Ocean soul

Weekend @ Haapsalu

misty old town


Still life

Christmas decorations are still up

1st of January 2013

New Years eve