Restaurant Kukeke

Kukeke is a new restaurant in North-Tallinn at Kopli area, made by Anni Arro.

In short the food is tasteless, the place is just over rated and priced. Seems everything what Anni Arro is doing is bit over rated and ov priced, expected cafe Komeet in Solaris Center.

Last Wednesday I decided to visit restaurant Kukeke. The Interior was nice and cozy, colorful, tabels made by Anni father. I ordered Salmon with oven baked vegetables. Vegetables were amazing but the Salmon was terrible. It was dry, over grilled, without any spices. And the pickled pumpkin on the same plate was also tasteless.

At least the Napoleon cake was as good as always as it was made by NadeĹžda Kaarma.

For conclusion: needs to improve.