Restaurant/cafe KOMPOTT

This is my second recommendation, restaurant-cafe KOMPOTT at Narva mnt.

Recommend or not, recommend or not?! Ok, it’s not so important question as “to be, or not to be” from Hamlet, but I have some doubts.

The idea or concept of the place is really great. I really like the style, bit from 50s to 80s and thous grandma compote selfs was bringing me back to my childhood. It’s like a mix of living room and cafe and bring us back to the Soviet times. But the location, it’s just too wrong for this restaurant-cafe. I imagine this place in Kalamaja, somewhere in North of Tallinn, but not in the central city opposite side of the University of Tallinn.

About the food. I ordered a beef in spruce fern marinade with potato casserole. It was delicious (8.00€). The meat was medium raw (like I ordered it) and the taste of spruce fern marinade was something new form me. It gave a really specific taste to the meat – a freshness and this specific taste or smell of spruce ferns.

My second choice was a dessert. A melted chocolate cake with blue cheese (3.45€). Chocolate did it really sweet and the blue cheese was balancing the sweetness of the cake. Chocolate and blue cheese! That was something new for me.

If I should choose to go either the F-Hoone (F-Building in Kalamaja) or Kompott, I rather go to the F-Building and have a dinner there. Sorry guys, but the location is crap, even if U have nice interior and tasty food, but I didn’t felt the warmness what I felf in the F-Hoone. Based on food I will recommend restaurant-cafe Kompott and based on location so and so (still have some doubts).

More information about the Kompott form here.