More then half year ago

It’s quite while ago when I made my last post and now I’ll make the first post in 2013. And in meanwhile nothing hasn’t happend. Working in the same place, living still in Tallinn, haven’t started with my PhD yet because … well let’s say someone didin’t feel like I’m ready for this. Have made one trip outside to Budapest. Really nice city, recommend to visit it.

So I will add now some pictures here and will soon I hope write something about the trip to Budapest or at least try to put some pictures here.

Have a nice evening!

Spring @ Tallinn Botanic Garden


Estonian spring (thank god not summer)



Off to Haapsalu for Easter Holidays

25th of March

Tallinn Post office or what is left of


almost spring

Ao street birthday

Dendrobium nobile

Ocean soul

Weekend @ Haapsalu

misty old town


Still life

Christmas decorations are still up

1st of January 2013

New Years eve


Pictures from Hurghada

My dear readers and followers I’m back form Hurghada, Egypt and here are the pictures from my annual winter holiday.

Please enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Off to Hurghada

It’s official now

Holiday in Egypt at Sharm el Sheik

My annual winter holiday will be in Egypt at Hurghada.

From 8th until 15th of December I’m out of office and away from Estonia!

Looking for a job in London

Like the tile of this post says I’m looking a job in London!

I graduated my Master studies in Communication Management on 2011 and now would like to do my PhD in Communication. As I have already choose out the University in London and applying process is ongoing, but study fees are much more expensive then in Estonia, I’m now looking for a PR job in London. Working and taking same time lectures in University is no problem for me.


Instagram web profile

Thank God for Instagram!

Now Instagram has announced web profiles and everyone can see (if the profile is public) your pictures. My Instagram web profile is here.

Updating my Flicker account

Yes, I’m finally updating my Flicker account.

More then 2000 photos needs to be updated. This means I need an holiday! Ok, no worriers I can handle it. All pictures are divided to sets and collections and now adding the tags. And then it’s done. Will try to keep it up-to-date as soon as I’m uploading something.

PS! For those who dosen’t have link to my pictures here it is.

I will continue now with my work.

I Have a Dream

I have a dream!

But I don’t know from where should I start? I wanna move to London. This has been my dream approximately 3 years. But this time it’s bit different. Im interested to do my PhD degree in London at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences at Political Communication. But there are some “gaps” and I need to fill them before I can start.

As you all know London is one of the most expensive city in the World (25th on 2012, 18th on 2011 etc) and it’s reflect even in fees at the Uni and in that reason I’m looking a job in London! That’s also the biggest “gap”.

I know how hard it would be to find something to London from Tallinn but I will try and I will continue with it until I will find something.

But hell yes I know Im brilliant and I will do it!